Today in History: July 01

What major events happened today in history (in English):

  • 01 July 2009 : Union Home Minister P Chidamabaram on Wednesday declared the regional hub of elite National Security Guards at Hyderabad operational, and dedicated it to the service of the nation.
  • 01 July 2010 : Al Qaeda is promoting the upcoming online release of its first English magazine called Inspire, promising Anwar Al Alwaki, the America-born cleric linked to several terror attacks on the United States, as one of its first guest writers.
  • 01 July 2011 : People of Morocco (North African country) approved the constitutional reforms which is expected to bring democratic reforms in the country.
  • 01 July 2012 : With plans for 60 missions over the next five years, Indian Space Research Organisation will develop a third launch pad at its spaceport at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh to meet the growing demand.
  • 01 July 2013 : HDFC Life, India's leading long-term private life insurance solutions provider, has been adjudged as India's 'Top 25 Best Companies to work for' by the Great Places to Work Institute in association with the Economic Times. This year, HDFC Life moved up the ladder to rank 18th from 23rd in 2012.
  • 01 July 2014 : Hockey India has announced its 16-member women’s hockey squad for the Commonwealth Games 2014. The team will perform under the captaincy of Midfielder Ritu Rani whereas defender Deepika has been selected as the vice-captain of the team. The selection trials took place at the National Institute of Sports (NIS),Patiala. The Games will take place in Glasgow from July 23 to Aug 3.
  • 01 July 2015 : Grandmaster Abhijeet Gupta, who is also a former world junior champion, has clinched Commonwealth Chess Championship after he settled for a draw in the 9th and final round of the match against Arghyadip Das. Abhijeet regained the crown after securing wins in first seven games and draw in two games afterwards.
  • 01 July 2016 : Jawaharlal Nehru Port on 1 July 2016 became the first port in India to implement logistics data tagging of containers. The implementation of the logistics data bank tagging of containers will help importers/exporters track their goods in transit through logistics data bank service.
  • 01 July 2013 : Neptune's moon S/2004 N 1 was discovered. S/2004 N 1 is a small moon of Neptune, about eighteen km diameter. It orbits the planet in just under one Earth day. Its discovery increased Neptune's group of known satellites to fourteen. The moon is so wispy that it was not seen when Voyager 2 flew nearby in 1989. Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute found it by analyzing Neptune’s filed photographs captured by the Hubble Space Telescope between 2004 and 2009.
  • 01 July 2007 : Smoking in England banned in all public indoor spaces. Prior to the ban many businesses voluntarily introduced bans on smoking mainly as a result of public feedback. The pub chain Wetherspoons was the first major chain to introduce a complete ban on indoor smoking.
  • 01 July 1991 : The Warsaw Pact was officially come to an end at a meeting in Prague. The Warsaw Pact was a joint defence treaty of eight communist states of Eastern and Central Europe during the Cold War. The Warsaw Pact was the military complement to the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CoMEcon), the regional economic organization for the communist states of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • 01 July 1968 : 62 countries signed nuclear non-proliferation treaty in Washington, D.C., London and Moscow. It is an international treaty objected to prevent the increase in use of nuclear weapons and weapons technology. It promotes cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The further goal is of complete disarmament.
  • 01 July 1966 : The first colour television transmission in Canada takes place from Toronto. There are three main analog broadcast television systems in use around the world, PAL (Phase Alternating Line), NTSC (National Television System Committee), and SECAM (Séquentiel Couleur à Mémoire—Sequential Color with Memory).
  • 01 July 1949 : 1,000 years of princely rule of the Cochin Royal Family ended. This happened due to the merger of two princely states, Cochin and Travancore, into the state of Thiru-Kochi which was after re-organized as Kerala in the Indian Union.
  • 01 July 1921 : The Communist Party of China was founded. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is the instituting and ruling political party of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The CPC is the only governing party of China, although it exists together with 8 other legal parties that made the United Front. It was established in 1921 by Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao.
  • 01 July 1882 : Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was born. He was born on July 1, 1882 and died on the same date in 1962 at the age of 80. Dr Roy was honoured with the highest civilian award of India, Bharat Ratna. Doctor’s day is celebrated in his honour in India.
  • 01 July 1881 : The world's first international telephone call was made between St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, and Calais, Maine, United States. A telephone call is a connection over a telephone network between the calling party and the called party. It was invented by Graham Bell.
  • 01 July 1822 : Daily newspaper 'Mumbai Samachar' was published. The Bombay Samachar is the oldest continuously published newspaper in India. Established by Fardunjee Marzban, it was published in Gujarati and English. It was composed three small quarto sheets with a half sheet supplement. It contained fourteen pages of printed matter.
  • 01 July 2017 : US President Donald Trump has nominated Kay Bailey Hutchison, a former Republican senator from Texas, to be the US ambassador to NATO. 

इतिहास में आज के दिन हुईं प्रमुख घटनाएं (हिन्दी में):

  • 01 जुलाई 2012 : 1 जुलाई 2012 को कीव, यूक्रेन ओलंपिक स्टेडियम में खेले गए फाइनल मुकाबले में स्पेन ने इटली को 4-0 से हराकर 2012 का यूईएफए (यूरोपीय फुटबॉल संघों के संघ) यूरो कप फुटबॉल चैम्पियनशिप का ख़िताब जीत लिया है।
  • 01 जुलाई 2013 : कोसोवो ने 1 जुलाई 2013 को पहली बार 87 देशों के नागरिकों के लिए वीजा की व्यवस्था शुरू कर दी है।
  • 01 जुलाई 2014 : सुजीत चौधरी कैलिफोर्निया विश्वविद्यालय के बर्कले लॉ स्कूल में पहले भारतीय अमेरिकी डीन बनें। वह प्रसिद्ध बर्कले लॉ स्कूल के 12 वें डीन है और 1 जुलाई 2014 से पांच वर्ष के लिए संस्था की सेवा करेंगे। सुजीत चौधरी अंतरिम सदस्य डीन गिलियन लेस्टर और क्रिस्टोफर एडले का स्थान ग्रहण करेंगे जो डीन के रूप में लगभग दस साल से कार्यरत थे।
  • 01 जुलाई 2015 : मालदीव राष्ट्र ने 1 जुलाई 2015 को क्योटो प्रोटोकॉल के दोहा संशोधन को अपनी स्वीकृति प्रदान की. विदित हो वर्ष 2012 में दोहा के राजधानी कतर में आयोजित किए गए ‘कांफ्रेंस ऑफ़ पार्टीज’ सम्मेलन में यूएनएनएफसी के सभी सदस्य क्योटो प्रोटोकॉल में संशोधन करने के लिए सहमत हुए थे. इसे ही दोहा संशोधन का नाम दिया गया.
  • 01 जुलाई 2016 : वर्ष 2016 का राष्ट्रीय डॉक्टर दिवस देश भर में 1 जुलाई को मनाया गया। यह दिन महान चिकित्सक डॉ. बिधान चंद्र रॉय, जिनकी जन्म तिथि और पुण्यतिथि एक ही दिन यानि 1 जुलाई को पड़ती है, के सम्मान में मनाया जाता है।
  • 01 जुलाई 2017 : अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रंप ने टेक्सास से रिपब्लिकन पार्टी के सीनेटर रहे के बेली हचीसन को नाटो में अमेरिका के राजदूत के रूप में नामित किया।

Major historical events on this day (Source: Wikipedia):

  • 01 July 1911 : The German gunboat Panther arrived in the Moroccan port ofAgadir, sparking the Agadir Crisis between Germany, Great Britain, andFrance. Read more Agadir Crisis
  • 01 July 1932 : Australia's national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was formed Read more Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • 01 July 1916 : First World War-The first day of the Battle of Albert, the opening phase of the Battle of the Somme, became the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army, with 57,470 casualties of which 19,240 were killed or died of wounds. Read more Battle of Albert (1916)
  • 01 July 1867 : The British North America Act came into effect, uniting the Province of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia into the Canadian Confederation Read more Canadian Confederation
  • 01 July 1935 : Grant Park Music Festival, the United States' only annual freeoutdoor classical music concert series, began its tradition of freesymphonic music concerts in Chicago's Grant Park. Read more Grant Park Music Festival
  • 01 July 1963 : The British government revealed that former MI6 agent KimPhilby had engaged in espionage for the Soviet Union. Read more Kim Philby
  • 01 July 1915 : World War I-German fighter pilot Kurt Wintgens became the first person to shoot down another plane in aerial combat using asynchronized machine gun. Read more Kurt Wintgens
  • 01 July 1960 : Ghana became a republic with Kwame Nkrumah as its firstpresident. Read more Kwame Nkrumah
  • 01 July 1770 : Lexell's Comet passed closer to the Earth than any other comet in recorded history, approaching to a distance of 0.015 AU. Read more Lexell%27s Comet
  • 01 July 2006 : The Qinghai–Tibet Railway, the world's highest railway and the only railway line to the Tibet Autonomous Region, was inaugurated. Read more Qinghai%E2%80%93Tibet Railway
  • 01 July 1782 : American Revolutionary War-Five American privateer vessels attacked the British settlement at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Read more Raid on Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (1782)
  • 01 July 1999 : Legislative governance of Scotland was transferred from theScottish Office in Westminster to the Scottish Parliament. Read more Scottish Parliament
  • 01 July 1874 : The Remington No. 1 went on sale, becoming the firstcommercially successful typewriter. Read more Sholes and Glidden typewriter
  • 01 July 1879 : American evangelist Charles Taze Russell published the firstissue of The Watchtower, the most widely circulated magazine in theworld. Read more The Watchtower
  • 01 July 1943 : Tokyo City was dissolved, with its territory divided into thespecial wards of the newly created Tokyo Metropolis. Read more Tokyo
  • 01 July 2002 : Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 and DHL Flight 611 collided inmid-air over the towns of Owingen and Überlingen in Germany, killingall 71 people aboard both aircraft. Read more Überlingen mid-air collision
  • 01 July 1569 : The Union of Lublin was signed, merging the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into a single state, thePolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Read more Union of Lublin
  • 01 July 1653 : The Westminster Assembly of Divines, assembled to restructurethe Church of England, held its first meeting in Westminster Abbey,London. Read more Westminster Assembly

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