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Word: Cessation
Meaning in Hindi: ठहराव, विरति, विराम, अंत, छुट्टी, अवसान, इति
Synonym words: Closure, Completion, End
Antonym words: Beginning, Commencement, Inception
Word: Lull
Meaning in Hindi: धीमा/शान्त करना, कम/चुप करना, ठहराव, सन्नाटा, ख़ामोशी, सुलाना
Synonym words: Quiet, Assuagement, Cessation
Antonym words: Tumult, Tempest, Storm
Word: Resurgence
Meaning in Hindi: पुनरुत्थान, पुनरुद्धार, नवीनकरण, नवीकरण, पुन:स्थापन
Synonym words: Resumption, Revival, Renewal
Antonym words: Exhaustion, Cessation, Halt

"Cessation" sentence examples in English:

  • Yes Bank announces cessation of directors
  • Smoking cessation project targets high-use populations
  • Island Family Medicine offers tobacco cessation program
  • Six-week smoking cessation program starts in Riverhead Oct. 25
  • Smoking cessation aid wins Park Tank at Ithaca College
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