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Word: Fetid
Meaning in Hindi: बदबूदार, दुर्गन्धयुक्त, मलिन, गन्दा, प्रदूषित, अपवित्र
Synonym words: Foul, Malodorous, Noisome
Antonym words: Aromatic, Fragrant, Fresh
Word: Filthy
Meaning in Hindi: गन्दा, भद्दा, मैला, कुत्सित, बहुत ही ख़राब, अपवित्र, असुद्ध, घिनौना, अश्लील
Synonym words: Dirty, Soiled, Foul
Antonym words: Clean, Pure, Sterile ,
Word: Foul
Meaning in Hindi: मलिन, गन्दा, मैला, असुद्ध, घृणित, बहुत खराब, नियमोल्ल्ंघन, बदबूदार, बेईमान करना
Synonym words: Atrocious, Disgusting, Horrid
Antonym words: Flagrant, Pure, Pleasing
Word: Immaculate
Meaning in Hindi: त्रुटिहीन, निर्मल, निष्कलंक, बेदाग़, स्वच्छ, दोषरहित
Synonym words: Spotless, Perfect, Stainless
Antonym words: Foul, Tilthy, Tainted
Word: Malodorous
Meaning in Hindi: बदबूदार, बेकार, दुर्गन्धित, घटिया, सड़ांध, दूषित
Synonym words: Fetid, Foul, Mephitic
Antonym words: Aromatic, Flagrant, Perfumed
Word: Noisome
Meaning in Hindi: बहुत गन्दा, बदबूदार, दुर्गन्धयुक्त, घणिक, मलिन, बहुत खराब, नियमोल्लंघन
Synonym words: Fetid, Foul, Malodorous
Antonym words: Upright, Moral, Just
Word: Offensive
Meaning in Hindi: अप्रिय, आक्रामक, घृणास्पद, अपमानजनक
Synonym words: Atrocious, Disgusting, Foul
Antonym words: Agreeable, Pleasing, Wonderful

"Foul" sentence examples in English:

  • Cubs catcher David Ross and Anthony Rizzo combine to make a juggling catch of Carlos Santana's foul pop in the second inning. 
  • After hitting a 3 against the Suns, Curry thought he was fouled by Brandon Knight. 
  • The French defender has only committed two fouls so far this season.
  • DeMarcus Cousins received his first technical foul of 2016-17 in tonight's Kings/Timberwolves match-up.
  • At one point, with Napier obstructing Holtkamp's view, he swiped, and appeared to foul Redick.
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