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Word: Diehard
Meaning in Hindi: अटल, अविचल, अनवरत, हठीला, अडिग, निर्मम, कटटर, जिद्दी
Synonym words: Adamant, Grim, Incompliant
Antonym words: Merciful, Amenable, Facile
Word: Grim
Meaning in Hindi: कठोर, कुरूप, खराब, डरावना, भयंकर, भयानक, मनहूस, सख्त
Synonym words: Austere, Bleak, Adamant
Antonym words: Bright, Joyful, Sunny
Word: Grisly
Meaning in Hindi: डरावना, भयानक, विकत, विवर्ण, कुरूप, कठोर, सख्त, भीषण, भयंकर, खराब
Synonym words: Ghastly, Grim, Gruesome
Antonym words: Pleasant, Pretty, Joyous
Word: Gruesome
Meaning in Hindi: डरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, कुरूप, घोनोना, विकराल, घ्रणित, भीषण, भयावह
Synonym words: Ghastly, Grim, Grisly
Antonym words: Pleasant, Bright, Sunny
Word: Hideous
Meaning in Hindi: डरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, भावशून्य, अरुचिकर, घृणास्पद, घृणोत्पादक
Synonym words: Ugly, Displeasing, Grim
Antonym words: Pleasing, Attractive, Cheerful
Word: Implacable
Meaning in Hindi: अतोष्णीय, कठोर निर्दयी, तंगदिल, कुरूप, खराब, भयानक, भयंकर, सख्त, कठोर
Synonym words: Adamant, Grim, Intransigent
Antonym words: Merciful, Sunny, Nice
Word: Witty
Meaning in Hindi: हाजिर-जवाब, विनोदपूर्ण, मजेदार, वाग्विदग्ध, प्रत्युपन्नमति
Synonym words: Comedic, Tacetious, Humorous
Antonym words: Serious, Grim, Pensive

"Grim" sentence examples in English:

  • Casting about for a rough analogue, I'd compare it to the grim trilogy of Family Tree albums by Radical Face.
  • Week later after accident Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek still grim, say doctors.
  • The most impressive of which is the trailer for 2003's X-2: X-Men United re-imagined in the same grim style that made Logan look so appealing.
  • The millstone grit outer wall of the prison looms over the street like a forbidding shadow, grim and dark. 
  • It's grim at The Grove for Donald as host misses cut.
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